Pink Himalayan Salt Grinder Review

Pink Himalayan Salt Grinder Review[easyazon_image align=”right” cart=”n” height=”500″ identifier=”B008XMVM4U” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”mcurle08-20″ width=”127″]

Name: Kirkland Pink Himalayan Salt Grinder

Website: Available at and Costco

Price: 9.09

Owners: Kirkland Signature

Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

Kirkland Signature Pink Himalayan Salt Grinders, Product Overview

This is a salt grinder for Pink Himalayan salt. Pink Himalayan salt is referred to as the purest salt in the world. The salt comes from the Himalayan Mountains. It has hues of pink, red and white. The vibrant colors are an indication of the salt’s rich and varying mineral content.

The grinder is adjustable. It adds freshness to every meal when you grind the salt right before eating it.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  1. This is very inexpensive. It is great for when you are taking a dish to a potluck. It adds some class, but if you lose it, it won’t break the bank.
  2. The Himalayan salt tastes great. It is wonderful to grind it on top of meats.
  3. The salts have a higher mineral content than conventional salt. They also taste saltier. It is much healthier for you.
  4. This controls the amount of salt that you put on your food. No more over salting with a grinder.
  5. Great price for a single use grinder.
  6. Adjustable for fine or coarse salt.

The Bad:

  1. Some consumers have not liked the plastic and complained that it cracked on them.
  2. This can be difficult for someone to use who has a weak wrist or arthritis.
  3. It does cost more than purchasing a grinder and salt separately.

Who is Kirkland Signature Himalayan Salt Grinder For?

This is great for the home chef that wants to add freshly ground salt to meals. The grinder makes the flavor pop. It is also a great price for the salt.

These are perfect for picnics and potlucks where you may want to have freshly ground salt, but don’t want to lose your expensive grinder. It is also great for kids. The plastic won’t break and they can enjoy grinding the salt on to their food.


Kirkland Signature Himalayan Salt Support

There is not support for this product. It is a one time purchase. If you are unsatisfied with the purchase, you can send it back and get a refund.

Kirkland Signature Himalayan Salt Grinder Price

The cost of the grinder and salt is $9.09. This is a great price for the combination of both of them. You receive 13 ounces of sea salt in each grinder. Therefore, the cost of the sea salt is a little more per pound than if you purchased it without the grinder.

It is more cost effective to purchase the salt and the grinder separately. This is a nice combination and price for the convenience of having it all in one. For people looking to save money, you can spend about $14 for a grinder and another $10 for two pound bag of sea salt. Over time, that will save you money.

My Final Opinion of Kirkland Signature Himalayan Salt Grinder

I actually really like this product and have purchased it multiple times. I love that I don’t need to measure out the salt into my own grinder or keep up the maintenance of a salt grinder. I do find that it is very easy to use. While the grinder is listed as adjustable, I haven’t ever adjusted the size of the granules of salt. However, it should be mentioned that I didn’t even try. It has met my needs so far.

The taste of the salt is superior to regular table salt. The color is a light pink. There are varying hues of pink.




Kirkland Himalayan Salt Grinder at a Glance…
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Name: Kirkland Himalayan Salt Grinder

Website: Available at

Owners: Kirkland

Price: 9.09

Overall Scam Rank: 85 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT! This is a great salt grinder.

8 thoughts on “Pink Himalayan Salt Grinder Review”

  1. Hey,

    If this can help control my salt intake then I am all for it. I definitely use far too much salt at the minute and need to cut down.

    Definitely something I should look into and invest in.

    Thanks for sharing and all the best,


  2. This is an excellent Himalayan salt grinder! I purchased two of them 3 months ago and make use of them nearly everyday. One for cooking and the other on the table for using during dinner. The salt is very high quality and indeed makes the food taste great. I do use the adjustment of the coarseness and it works like a champ. I like coarse salt on my steaks before I grill them and the grinder works great for that.
    Thank you for a very thorough article!

  3. Loved the review and am acquainted with product as I cook a lot. I actually ordered through your site. So I’d have for the holidays. Thank you so much for this review. It was an awesome reminder for me to order today. Great review by the way. It’s an awesome product.
    Scarlett g

  4. I really love pink Himalayan salt to season my food. I usually buy it at my grocery store – I checked the bottle and it’s only 4.5 oz. and almost $5. This seems like a much better deal, so I will probably buy it from amazon from now on. Thank you!

  5. Your article was a great one and I do agree with you. My mother who has hypertension uses this kirkland Himalayan salt so I do know the benefits of it and I agree with your article. Thank you for the information.

  6. Himalayan salt is so much better for us than normal table salt. The extra minerals alone make it worth purchasing, and the extra taste is superb! This looks like a good dispenser. When I’m near to running out of my current supply I will come back and get one. Many thanks for the review.

  7. Hi I love my Himalayan salts I use it for most everything I eat, I especially like the fact that I can use a lot of it and not have to worry about it having any adverse effects such as the cheap white salt we used to use.

    Great post thanks

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