Testing My Ketones: Keto Mojo Review

I resisted testing my blood glucose and ketones for a long time. I figured that I could use urine strips and skate by on the ketogenic diet without worrying about every little thing. But as I got older and cheated more on my ketogenic diet, I realized I needed help and turned to the Paleomedicina group. They required that I test my blood glucose and ketones. Boy, I am glad I did! I gained so much information from testing. I feel much more confident in my seizure control now and am optimistic about my hair regrowth.

The monitor that I have been using is the Keto-Mojo glucose and ketone monitor. It has been so easy and given me so much information. I can now see how my glucose correlates with any neurological symptoms or brain confusion.

Keto Mojo Review

Name: Keto Mojo
Website: https://keto-mojo.com/
Price: $44.99
Owners: Keto Mojo
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Keto Mojo Testing Kit, Product Overview

The Keto-Mojo Bluetooth Ketone and Glucose Blood Testing kit includes 20 test strips, 1 meter, 10 lancets, and 1 lancing device. The glucose monitor and ketone testing strips are Bluetooth enabled in case you want to save the information on your device.

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The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • This testing kit comes with everything you need to start monitoring your blood glucose and ketone levels.
  • It is very simple to use.
  • You can connect it to your phone or ipad and save the data onto your device.
  • The lancing device has a really nice, light touch. It is nearly painless.
  • The price is right! It is very affordable and the testing strips are the most inexpensive on the market, which is why my doctor recommended it to me.
  • Scores are easy to read.
  • The tests only take ten seconds.
  • It is awesome that it will test both your ketones and your blood glucose. I was thrilled I didn’t have to buy 2 meters!

The Bad:

  • It can be a bit confusing when you get started. I still haven’t hooked up the bluetooth feature, but I’m not sure I want to.
  • It is not a continuous monitor, so you will need to do multiple tests to get a good idea of where your levels are.

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Who is Keto-Mojo Testing Kit For?

This product is ideal for people who are following the ketogenic diet for epilepsy or weight loss. I feel like for someone with diabetes, a continuous glucose monitor is more convenient and gives a better picture of their levels.


Keto-Mojo Support

Keto-Mojo has a help center to help you out with learning how to use the meter, what the error codes mean, and what your levels should be. It also provides a section for frequently asked questions.

This is also where you can get information on the warranty that comes with the Keto-Mojo glucose and ketone meter.


Keto-Mojo Price

The cost of Keto-Mojo is very reasonable. It is only $44 to get started with the meter, lancing device and 10 testing strips. The price of keto-mojo testing strips is actually pretty reasonable. You can get a pack of glucose testing strips for $17. The ketone testing strips are a bit more. The ketone testing strips are about $1 each. For a pack of 50 testing strips, you will pay $49.

This price is comparable to other testing keto monitors on the market. The strips are an average price.

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My Final Opinion of Keto-Mojo

I didn’t do a lot of research on the competitors before buying this product. My doctor recommended it and I just wanted to get started testing right away. It does appear that Keto-Mojo is comparable to the other monitors on the market.

I do appreciate the ability to upload my scores onto my electronic devices even if I choose not to use that feature. I like that the kit came with everything that you need to get started testing your blood glucose and ketones. That is very helpful.

I love the lancing device that comes with the testing kit. At first, I couldn’t get enough blood out for a test because the prick seemed so light. I figured out you need to get the blood flowing and squeeze the finger lightly to encourage flow. (I have seen the older lancing devices that my sister used for her diabetes. This one has a much lighter feel and you don’t watch the needle coming down onto your finger.)


Keto-Mojo at a Glance…

Name:Keto-Mojo Testing Kit

Website: keto-mojo.com
Owners: Keto Mojo
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT! I definitely recommend the Keto-Mojo monitor. It is so easy to use and you will get so much information about your health as you track your foods and your ketones as well as the glucose level.

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