Earthing Day 15 – Feeling Great!

Today, I set a goal to do my Earthing for an hour this morning and I achieved it. I was barefoot and doing my archery practice at the crack of dawn. I listened to the positive affirmation CD Think Right Now twice while shooting my arrows. The grass was wet with dew and my feet were cold at first, so I did some light jogging between shots. It worked. I adjusted to it. 

Here’s a shot of the morning sky as the sun was rising. The air is much cooler and more comfortable early in the morning. There are fewer gnats just before the sun comes up. They must be sleeping. 

Allergy Improvement

Today I noticed a bit of seasonal allergy improvement. I had two sneezes today in the late afternoon. I didn’t notice any irritation this morning or when I was walking barefoot in the afternoon. I’ll keep monitoring my progress to make sure that it sticks. 

No Seizures

This is always wonderful to report. I do feel that my GAPS ketogenic/Paleo ketogenic diet has contributed to having good brain nutrition. I also feel that getting moving outdoors helps digestion and I suspect that when I get constipated and the hormones fluctuate is when I’m at the greatest risk for seizures. That wasn’t today. I had a bowel movement that was easy and I’m done with my period.

No New Hair

I haven’t noticed any new hairs popping up lately. That is totally disappointing. I had read someone who reversed her alopecia but it wasn’t until the 8th month of the AIP diet. Whew! I’m only through five months of an AIP-like diet. I keep reminding myself to keep it up. I have “cheated” on AIP by eating eggs, which are allowed on GAPS and Paleo Ketogenic diet once you have healed, but it is tough to keep going on the diet without seeing improvement. Also, hair does take awhile to grow. 

Eating Outside

I have started the practice of eating one of my meals with my feet on the grass or patio. I like feeling the sun on my face and getting an extra boost of vitamin D while I enjoy a meal. This practice was suggested in a video by Dr. Laura Koniver. I’m also going to attend a few of the summer concerts in the area and take my shoes off while I picnic and listen to jazz. It should be fun. 

All in all, the Earthing has been easy and fun to do. I can’t say that it has been totally life-changing, but it is still really early in this experiment. I do feel like getting outside more is improving my health in some way. It definitely makes me feel a bit happier. I notice when I go back inside how dark the house can seem compared to how bright the sunshine is during the day. 

I hope you have enjoyed following my Earthing journey. If you haven’t taken your shoes off today and gone barefoot outdoors, try it! It could be just the thing that you need! 

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