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Name: High Absorption Magnesium for Leg Cramps and Sore Muscles, Eases Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), With Vitamin B6, D and E, 380mg Magnesium Oxide Monohydrate, 100 Servings, Gluten Free


Price:$24.48 ($0.24 / Count) 

Owners: Mg Sport

Overall Rank: 91 out of 100

MgSport Magnesium Supplements, Product Overview

These are magnesium capsules. They are clinically tested. The studies of these magnesium supplements demonstrated that they are absorbed three times more than magnesium citrate at the cellular level. Each capsule contains 380 mg of elemental magnesium.

Mg Sport magnesium capsules are enhanced with vitamins to provide for better absorption. MgSport is the only magnesium supplement with vitamin E, vitamin B6 and vitamin D. Better absorption ensures that it will alleviate leg, calf and foot cramps faster.

MgSport is a vegetable capsule. Not only is it gluten free, but it is also dairy free. Because it is not buffered, MgSport capsules are easy to swallow. They contain no artificial colors, no proplyene glycol and no stearates.

Mg Sport has been proven to have a higher absorption than magnesium oxide, magnesium malate, magnesium taurate, magnesium glycinate, magnesium oxide, chelated magnesium and magnesium orotate.

Magnesium is sometimes thought of as the miracle mineral. It helps not only with leg cramps, but also with heart palpitation, energy production, bowel motions, bone formation, sleep, relaxation, positive mood, blood pressure, migraines and many other bodily functions! MgSport is an excellent source of magnesium for both men and women. This supplement also supports calcium absorption, which is essential for good health.

With each purchase of MgSport magnesium supplementation, a portion of the profits goes to charity. MgSport proudly works with charities. Water, their non-profit partner help to bring clean and safe drinking water to people who are living in developing nations. By choosing MgSport magnesium supplements, you will contribute to this wonderful goal of providing water to people in developing nations.


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: This is a great price for a magnesium supplement that includes vitamin D. It is easily affordable and can be incorporated into your daily routine very easily.

PRO #2: Provides three times more support by including vitamin D, E and B6. This means you will actually feel the benefits of the magnesium.

PRO #3: MgSport consists of a special granular – Magnesium Oxide Monohydrate. It should not be confused with magnesium oxide which has very little bioavailability.

The Bad:

CON #1: Some consumers did not see improvement.

CON #2: It is not a cure. You will need to take the magnesium supplement when you are low in magnesium to alleviate symptoms.


Who is Mg Sport Magnesium Supplements for?

These supplements are designed to correct low magnesium levels. This product is ideal for people who are suffering from symptoms of low magnesium. It works especially well to help alleviate leg cramps that are due to low magnesium levels.

It is ideal for people who are on the ketogenic diet and may be concerned about their electrolyte and mineral levels. Supplementing with magnesium can ensure that you are getting enough magnesium into your diet.

The role of magnesium within the body is primarily regulatory. It enables enzymes to function properly. This allows the body to function properly, which enables a large majority of the body’s chemical reactions.

Enzymes are the foundation of the body’s ability to support life. Most of the necessary chemical reactions in the body are carried out by enzymes. These include the breakdown of sugars in the digestive system. Enzymes allow thee reactions to occur in our body without having the acidic reaction to damage the body’s fragile tissues and organs.

Enzymes require co-factors to function. Magnesium is one of these co-factors which control the rate of reactions within the body. Magnesium is crucial for glucose and fat breakdown. It assists with the production of proteins, enzymes and antioxidants, such as glutiathione. Magnesium plays a role in the creation of DNA and RNA and the regulation of cholesterol production.

Magnesium plays such a crucial role in the body. Deficiencies in magnesium can have far-reaching implications for the body. Therefore, supplementation is a good idea.


MgSport Magnesium Support

You can contact Mg Sport regarding their magnesium supplements at There is a contact form to fill out there. If you want to go old school, you can also contact them through snail mail at the following address –


Ossining, NY 10562

You can contact them through their phone number – 1-718-640-2879 or via email at

MgSport Magnesium Supplement Price[easyazon_image align=”right” cart=”n” height=”500″ identifier=”B00OHRTHR4″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”mcurle08-20″ width=”263″]

I found the pricing of this supplement very affordable. It is $24.48 ($0.24 / Count) for a bottle of 100. You get about a three month’s supply from one bottle if you are only taking one capsule per day. That is less than $1.00 per day to ensure that you have enough magnesium in your body to function well.

My Final Opinion of MgSport Magnesium Supplement

I found that this product really helped me to relieve my cramps in a rather quick manner. This isn’t something that I remember to take each day, but I do notice that when cramps tend to sneak up on me, if I take this product they are relieved quickly. I think my results would be even better if I was more consistent in taking it. I think it would completely prevent them.

MgSport Magnesium Supplements at a Glance…

Name: High Absorption Magnesium for Leg Cramps and Sore Muscles, Eases Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), With Vitamin B6, D and E, 380mg Magnesium Oxide Monohydrate, 100 Servings, Gluten Free

Owners: MgSport

Price: $24.48 ($0.24 / Count)

Overall Scam Rank: 91 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT! I felt like this supplement was very effective in relieving cramps from my own experience. When I read through the Amazon reviews, there are 73% with 5 star ratings. Some critics may say that they are paid reviews, but from what I experienced when taking the product, it works!

5 thoughts on “Best Magnesium Supplement for Leg Cramps – MgSport”

  1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. There are so many fake products similar to this that a lot of times I am afraid to use them in case they are just scams. It’s good to be able to have first hand experience and to know this is real. Great work!

  2. I have been researching the Ketogenic Diet like crazy since I first came across your site last week. It’s something I always heard people talk about, but I never really dug any deeper into it until recently. I am still gathering information, but I will be giving it a go next Monday.

    I did learn that taking a magnesium supplement while on the Ketogenic Diet is a must. Since the body loses so many electrolytes during this process, it is important to replenish them so you don’t get cramps and feel drained. I haven’t started researching Magnesium supplements yet, but thanks to you, I won’t have to. This one looks great and I love that it has other nutrients in it as well as magnesium. Since you are also on this diet and use this supplement for your cramps, I know that it works. I will take a peek at the other reviews as well, but I think I will be getting this one. Thanks so much for all this great information on the keto diet and what supplements to take. I will be bookmarking your site for further reference. 🙂

    1. That’s great that you are doing your research. There are other great products available as well. I just use this one and found it very helpful!

  3. Hi Melinda, I take magnesium every day and find that it really helps with stopping my muscles from aching after a workout (I do lots of sports so suffer with this a lot). I also find it helps with sleep due to its muscle relaxant abilities which is another plus.
    We sell a lot of magnesium in the herbal apothecary where I work as it’s something we all need and most of us are low and we don’t realise it. It really is a wonderful all round mineral, and usually you need to source out good brands for yourself as the cheap stuff that people get from the doctors just doesn’t absorb at all.
    I really like this Mg Sport one here as it also has added vitamin E, B6, and D. However, it would be good to know whether these extra nutrients are in high enough amounts that you don’t need a separate supplement as it doesn’t say (especially the vitamin D as that is quite expensive). Thanks for the great post!

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