4 Tips to Start Yoga At Home For Beginners

Whether you have lost your job due to the Coronavirus outbreak or are still working. These are stressful times. Yoga is one of the best ways to get fit and healthy. You can learn it at home with the help of some online videos. All you need are some comfortable clothes, a mat, and a quiet space for exercising.

Tip #1: Set Aside Time in Your Schedule

If you don’t schedule it in, it doesn’t get done. Well, that is how things go in my life. Without schedules and deadlines, I tend to procrastinate and not do anything. Or rather, I do a lot of nothing important. But yesterday, I penciled in my yoga workout and today I did it!

Tip #2: Start Slowly

You may have been a high school athlete like me, but if you haven’t worked out in a while (like me), you are going to want to build up to more difficult exercises. Don’t feel bad about not being able to do some of the poses that you used to be able to do. Flexibility comes and goes. A few weeks of practicing and you’ll eventually be able to do all the asanas.


Tip #3: Wear Appropriate Clothing

I will admit it, I put on some jeans and tried to do some poses with jeans and socks on. Not my wisest moment. I was just being lazy. I quickly realized that my socks wouldn’t allow my feet to grip the mat and hold essential poses and my jeans would restrict movement on many asanas. So, I changed.

When it comes to yoga apparel, you’ll want to go barefoot. Wear stretchy yoga pants or shorts and a t-shirt. Otherwise, you’ll be very uncomfortable as you try to stretch your body to new limits in clothes that are tight and restrictive.


Tip #4: Join a Group

It is easier to quit your exercise routine when no one knows about it. Joining an online group or some friends for a workout will help you stick with it. Since the Coronavirus has shut down gyms, you may want to look into connecting with other beginning yogis on Facebook or Instagram. This is a great place to share your progress and make new friends who are discovering yoga!



Yoga is a great way to increase strength and flexibility. It also fits into the new governmental restrictions of avoiding social contact with others. It can be done at home, on your porch, or in your backyard. Yoga is great for beginners and can help to improve muscle imbalance that may arise from certain sports such as running or cycling.

Get started today! Check out this 20 minute Yoga for Beginners video that I used in my morning yoga practice. The teacher has a nice pacing and explains what to do well. It is ideal for people who have a tight schedule as 20 minutes is easy to fit into a morning or evening routine.

Check it out!



5 thoughts on “4 Tips to Start Yoga At Home For Beginners”

  1. Thank you for sharing this 4 tips. I am one of those people who lost the job because of the covid-19 pandemic. Yesterday, I was so frustrated that they extend it to another 30 days. Now, I have to find a way to have a better mental health and here I am at your post 🙂 I will start it slowly and probably join a group that teaches the live class online. 

    Cheers! and be safe.


    1. I’m so glad that you found the tips helpful. This is a very stressful time. The uncertainty of what will happen next is very upsetting. 

  2. Perfect, yet very easy-to-understand article. I love your approach and how you divide the topic of your post into smaller parts, it gives a structure to it and it is easier to read. In every part, there is a wisdom inside. Set up the plan, is crucial for anything we decide to make it happen. Even to make groceries have to be on our planning list, otherwise, we tend to forget that. As detailed we set up the time as higher is the chance, we are going to accomplish that on time. Wearing suitable outfit and joining group is very important elements, as if you are not feeling comfortable to move or if you don’t feel motivated to perform higher, you are not going far. And obviously, stretch before you start to do any sports activity. Thank you, really well-written!!

  3. Going into yoga is really fun and there are people who understand the benefits of. Son times not everyone is willing to go into a house with other people to go into yoga and starting your own Yoga exercise at home is really good and it will these see really great uses to start alone as a beginner. Cheers 

  4. I want to take advantage of this time we have been staying at home to start yoga. Your recommendations for getting started are practical and I’ll implement them. I am eager to try this and excited I also found your site that will help me as a guide. I already have proper clothes, I marked in my agenda a fixed time in the day and will start slowly in order to avoid injuries.

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