Get Back on Track with Diet and Exercise!

So, after three weeks of being great with the ketogenic diet. I cheated. Oh my! I went to a luncheon where I had a plan to eat ketogenic foods in place. I selected what looked to me like chili without beans and coleslaw. Now, I realize that these dishes could be made with sugar, but I selected them anyway as the were the most ketogenic friendly dishes out. As I was eating, I noticed that people were eating sloppy joes. My “beanless chili” was sloppy joe mix. I could taste the sugar or corn syrup and realized I was not eating healthy anymore.

Forgive Yourself

Since I was already off my diet, I indulged in the cake and some reece’s pieces. Um, yeah. I’m not good at being in moderation. What I am good at is getting back on track! So, the first thing that I did was accepted that I was just going to be off the diet briefly. I decided that I was going to enjoy the foods that I was eating and the company that I was with. I made the decision not to be too hard on myself.

Plan Your Next Step

The next step was planning my next healthy meal. Since this was lunch, I decided that I was going to drink plenty of water when I got home so that I’d be fully hydrated and my body would be capable of flushing out some of the junk foods that I ate. Since I overindulged at lunch, I wasn’t that hungry and decided that I’d skip dinner and do an “intermittent fast,” a popular thing with ketogenic dieters. That step would reduce the temptation to continually eat high carbohydrate foods for the rest of the day.

I planned on having a delicious Greek yogurt with berries and nuts for breakfast. I love Greek yogurt and it fits well into a low carbohydrate diet. Not to mention, it tasted great the next morning. This time around was much easier to get back on track with the diet because I had prepared a bunch of ketogenic chicken dishes for the week. I packed my regular salad and tuna fish for lunch and had a lovely chicken soup for dinner.

Train Your Brain for Continual Success and Focus on Goals

I listened to the think right now audio, Setting and Achieving Goals to mentally prepa[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”160″ identifier=”B001NPF4NY” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”mcurle08-20″ width=”120″]re myself for being on a diet. My goal was to stay on the ketogenic diet for 30 days straight. I made it 15. It is okay to start over again. Part of achieving goals is recognizing your weaknesses and figuring out how to address them or overcome them. My weakness is lunch buffets with friends! I have a hard time turning down a cookie! The Setting and Achieving Goals audio has been very useful though in getting me to focus more on my important goals. Repeatedly hearing the affirmations helps me to forgive myself faster and get back on track a lot faster. In the past, I would have gotten off track for a week or a month instead of simply one meal! I know this! I have tried many diets from the GAPS diet to the blood type diet.

The Think Right Now audios are great. I have used them to increase sales, get organized and eat healthy. I listen to the audios in the background when I am working and at night. The changes are very subtle, but as I listen to them, I notice that they impact my behavior. I am more easily able to take the actions that I need to achieve my goals and shake off the distractions. I find that I procrastinate less when I am listening to the Think Right Now audios.

Recommit to Exercise and Eat Right

Since I had gotten off of my diet, recommitting to exercise was part of my goal. Not only because it will burn calories, but also because I feel great after I do it. Immediately after getting off of my diet, I took a long walk with the dog. During the walk, I committed myself to an extra half hour of exercise the next few days. What exercise did I choose? Why rebounding on a trampoline! Jumping on a trampoline is a tough cardio workout, it is fun and it stimulates the lymphatic system to help rid the body of those toxins I just consumed!

While jumping on a trampoline does provide a sense of euphoria and makes you feel a bit like a little kid, the picture below is not me! I’m not that daring on a trampoline, but it is a great workout and a ton of fun! If you have a nice neighbor who will let you bounce on their trampoline, I highly recommend it. You can also get a mini-trampoline or rebounder from Amazon for a nice price!