Starting the Hair n’ Heal Program

Today is the first day of the Hair n’ Heal program by Alopecia Angel. I’m excited, but also a bit skeptical. These are things that I have tried in the past that didn’t pan out. I’m not sure if going through the program this time will make a difference, but I’m taking it very seriously just in case. 

The Diet

The Hair n’ Heal program is based on the Autoimmune Paleo diet. This makes sense because the hair loss for alopecia areata, totalis, and Universalis is all autoimmune. Getting the autoimmune triggers out of the diet can’t hurt. After having such a bad reaction to hot peppers last month, I’m open to eliminating different foods and trying to reintroduce them after a few months. 

Stress Reduction

Alopecia Angel emphasizes stress reduction as part of the healing process. This is great. We all have too much stress in our lives, so I’m definitely going to incorporate stress-relieving techniques into my life. 

I’m going to keep up with meditation with my Think Right Now program. I do feel that the binaural beats and the positive affirmations help to change my subconscious thoughts. I am noticing that my actions are changing slowly as I listen to the audio. 


There are supplements as part of the Hair n’ Heal program, but I haven’t found out what they are yet. I had to fill out an intake form and answer a lot of questions. There will be a consultation with Alopecia Angel where the supplements will be recommended. They are meant to be taken every day. 

I do expect vitamin D to be one of the recommended supplements. I think that biotin is probably going to be recommended, as well as vitamin B12. These are often vitamins that are deficient in people with alopecia and autoimmune conditions. 

The supplements that are recommended are very specific. There are often filler ingredients in supplements that can cause inflammation and ruin the progress of someone with an autoimmune condition. One of the supplement brands that was mentioned during the video was the NOW brand. That is a huge relief because that brand is reasonably priced and easily accessible. 

Program Length

The program is set up to be two months long. It is expected that all of the participants will realize some regrowth within those two months. I am very optimistic that my hair will regrow during this time. When I took the hair vitamins in November, a few hairs did come back. One or two pubic hairs even have some color to them. Unfortunately, there are only two hairs. 

There are plenty of videos and homework to do during the program. I expect that it will go quickly. I know that I can stick with the diet for two months. The challenge for me will be continuing on with the diet if I don’t see any hair regrowth. 

My next step is to create a weekly menu and prepare for the week ahead. I plan on having plenty of bone broth, weekly servings of liver and bone marrow. These are elements that I feel are probably very helpful. I learned them from the paleo ketogenic diet.  

Finally, I will be starting a journal and documenting my progress. This can be really difficult because hair regrowth is really slow. I’m grateful that the videos and homework are spaced out into weekly assignments. Otherwise, I may try to do it all at once and get frustrated when I didn’t see progress. 

Stay tuned for more information on my progress through Alopecia Angel’s program!

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