My Plan to Cure Alopecia Naturally

Alopecia Universalis
The “Before” picture of my alopecia Universalis.

I have tried a variety of things to get my hair to regrow over the last ten years. Yes, you read that right. I have been bald for a decade. It is annoying to put on a wig and I don’t like the feel of a bald scalp, so I put on pretty wigs. I get loads of compliments for my cheap wigs, but I’d love to have my hair back.

I found Alopecia Angel online and signed up for her program which starts on January 1st. In the meantime, I am going to use positive affirmations and exercise as much as I possibly can. The holidays are going to ruin my diet, but I want to have my mind as primed as possible for the new endeavor.

Behavior Modification

Hate Working Out? Paying a BIG Price for it?


I have found some success with changing my thoughts and actions through the ThinkRightNow program. Usually, they end up failing me after a seizure or aura wipes my memory clean and I forget that I was implementing that change.

Epilepsy stinks, and I’m not holding out hope that the positive affirmations will cure the epilepsy. I have been down that road.


Believe it or not, I’m exercising daily. Not just a little either. I am jogging or walking for at least two hours a day.

Why two hours you may ask…This has to do with the positive results that I feel when I practice Buteyko breathing along with exercise. On the Buteyko Table of Health, it says that if you get your control pause up to 60 seconds, you should have normal health. To do that, Artour Rahikmov suggests 2 hours of exercise every day.

Yikes! Well, I’ve done it for a week and feel great. The last time I attempted this much exercise at once, I ended up quitting due to an injury. I was working up to a half-marathon, but the injury made only a 5k possible.

So, That’s the Holiday Plan

I’m going to play my “I am Healed” and “Eating For Excellent Health” CDs as much as I can while I make a point to exercise as much as I can each day. I’m not going to stress over my eating or try to change my other lifestyle habits until I start Alopecia Angel’s program in January.

I did decide to start blogging about it more because I would like to document any potential regrowth that may come from the positive affirmations.

Hate Working Out? Paying a BIG Price for it?

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