How to Motivate Yourself to Workout At Home – 4 Tips for Success

Don’t believe that you need to join a gym to get fit and healthy. Don’t buy into the idea that you absolutely need a personal trainer to get your rear in gear. (Although, they will take your money and workout with you. I’ve been a personal trainer before!) Working out at home is accessible to everyone. You just need to get moving and implement a work out each and every day. This will lead you to building muscle, improving your immune system and increasing your overall health and wellness! 

So, why is it so difficult for some people to get themselves to work out at home? The first thing to understand is that it is going to be a change in routine. We often are resistant to change and thereofore getting the new habit to stick can be tricky for some people. 

Focus on Your Goal

Working out produces sore muscles. It makes you uncomfortable and sweaty. Before you achieve the euphoric state from working out, you will be dripping in sweat and you will likely have challenged your muscles beyond what they are comfortable doing. Working out isn’t always a fun walk in the park. It challenges you. That is how you build muscle.

In order to get over the discomfort of a new routine and deal with sore muscles, you will want to focus your mind on your goal. Think about how your efforts will pay off. If you are losing weight to fit into a new dress, picture yourself looking great while you work out. Imagine your success as you put in the effort. It will help you 

Select a Fun Workout

Everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to working out. For some people, a major challenge to their muscles is going to be the best thing in the world. Other people will want to improve their flexibility with a pilates workout or a yoga workout. All of these can be very challenging and help you achieve the results that you seek if you consistently do them. You are more likely to be consistent with a workout that you enjoy. You may want to try out a few workout programs and discover if you enjoy the personality of someone like Jillian Michaels. I have a few favorite workouts, Shawn T’s Hip Hop Abs is a fun workout to go through. I also enjoy rebounding workouts and when I am in the mood to challenge myself, I do Jillian Michael’s workout. 

Some people are more likely to stick with a workout when they are distracted from the movements. I have personally found that I enjoy working on a treadmill desk in order to get some cardio in while I am working. Another fun thing to do with treadmill desk workouts is to learn something on youtube while you are walking or to watch movies. I admit that I have a guilty pleasure of watching sitcoms on hulu while running! 

Program Your Mind For Success

Positive affirmations are a great way to reprogram your mind and change your behavior. I use the ThinkRightNow programs whenever I want to make a change in my lifestyle. The advantage of using these programs is that you release the negative associations with the tasks that you want to achieve. I have used ThinkRightNow programs for getting organized, exercising and eating right and even their sales success program. At first, you start to hear the affirmations and may not believe them, but as the weeks and months go by, you start to notice that you are naturally changing your behaviors and they are sticking! 

One of the things that I noticed improving while I listened to the Get Organized Now program was that not only did I start to get more organized and pick up after myself, but the people I lived with were more likely to clean up after themselves faster than usual. They were overhearing my CD and making changes too! 

Reward Yourself

People tend to be either motivated by rewards or motivated by avoiding consequences. If you don’t know whether you are more reward motivated or a person who avoids consequences, then you should assign both to your workout program. When you meet your goals, you should reward yourself by doing something fun. When you neglect a workout, make sure that you have a negative consequence such as cleaning out the garage or doing more housework as a result of skipping out on your workout. Eventually, before you know it, you will be working out on a regular basis and finding ways to challenge yourself! 

Some ideas for workout rewards can include:

  • Buying Cute Workout Clothes
  • A fun outing with your friend
  • Movies
  • Eating at your favorite (healthy) restaurant
  • Buying your favorite healthy snack
  • A weekend getaway

You Can Do It!

Make sure that you believe that you can achieve your workout goals. This will help you stick with it when the going gets tough! 

11 thoughts on “How to Motivate Yourself to Workout At Home – 4 Tips for Success”

  1. I’ve not belonged to a gym in almost 10 years. I do have some equipment at home, but lately, I’ve had a hard time getting motivated. But, I do try to do a little yoga every day and I get about a mile of walking in with my dogs too, but I’d like to do more. Your post talked about a rebounder. What size do you use and what kind do you recommend?

  2. I love your suggestion of positive affirmations to keep up the momentum to work out. It’s fascinating that even the people in your house overhearing the suggestions ended up with positive shifts in their behavior as well. Really goes to show the power of repeated positive messages to reprogram our toxic thinking. And thinking always has to shift before behavior. thanks!

  3. Thank you for the great advice. I haven’t joined a gym before because I didn’t want to spend the money. I’m thrifty. But after reading your post I have the inspiration I need to work out at home so thank you.

  4. MAny people do not achieve their fitness goals for two reasons 1. They do not focus on their why and 2. they do not enjoy the process. They see it as a chore.

    Without the WHY and the FUN you will never WIN not only at fitness but at anything in life really.

  5. While working at home can be very fulfilling and rewarding there are times and depending on your situation when even this can become hard and seem like a night mare. What you are sharing here is pretty amazing because I believe that by doing what you are suggesting can make working at home more enjoyable, rewarding and relaxing.

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