Hair N’ Heal Program Day 27

Today is January 27th. It is officially the 27th day of Alopecia Angel’s Hair N’ Heal program. I’m almost half-way through the program. It is exciting and depressing. Exciting to think that I have made the changes that have led other people to regrow their hair from alopecia, but depressing because I haven’t seen any real improvement in my hair or nails. 

I did get a late start with some of the supplements because they weren’t in stock. Two of them shipped slower from Klaire Labs.I wish I could say that these supplements have made all the difference, but I still experience some constipation from time to time. I did have a very mild seizure over the weekend, so it didn’t prevent that. 

My teeth feel great with all the organ meats that I’m consuming. They don’t feel like they are sensitive to hot and cold anymore which is great! I usually notice an improvement in my tooth health when I quit sugar and start eating more meat products though, so it isn’t a big surprise. It is just something I am noticing. 

Hair Regrowth

I can’t say that I see any NEW regrowth. I will say that I do have a few stray vellus hairs on my eyebrow area. Will they stay? Maybe. I have had alopecia universalis long enough to know those vellus hairs don’t always stick around. 

I do have clear eyelashes on the bottom lids that have stuck around since November. During November, I started taking a Hair, Skin and Nails supplement. I think that it worked because I did get these lashes back. I stopped taking the supplement because I had a bad reaction to something and I wasn’t quite sure what it was at the time. Now, I have experienced it a few more times and I do believe it was a histamine reaction to too much bone broth. 


The Hair N’ Heal program has me taking a ton of supplements. Everything from licorice tea to L-glutamine. It would be very difficult to determine what helped the most while I am taking about 10 different things and massaging my head with essential oils each morning, but that is the program. 

One of the supplements that I think is probably at the core of the regrowth is vitamin D. A vitamin D deficiency is one component of autoimmune hairloss, but it is also a commonality with Hashimoto’s and Epilepsy. Because I think that vitamin D plays a key role in healing, I have ordered a blood test to measure my levels. 

I will get a baseline level done this week and then retest next month with Everlywell. It is very convenient to do a few finger pricks at home and send the card in to their lab. The results are reported online, so I don’t have to go in for a doctor’s visit. 

If my lab results show low vitamin D levels, I will increase the current vitamin D amount that I am taking. I have been taking some vitamin D wild-caught fish eggs from Ancestral Supplements to get vitamin D combined with other co-factors like vitamin A and choline. 

It may be worthwhile to take a bolus dose of vitamin D and increase it to normal levels and then take a maintenance dose. In the past, my vitamin D levels have measured around 30 without supplementation and 44 with supplementation. The therapeutic dose for vitamin D is above 60, so I’m hoping to get my levels up to 60 this spring. 

Vitamin D therapy


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