Hair and Heal Update

I have been on the Hair N’ Heal program for about five full days. Almost a week. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing new hairs coming up. I did experience some negative effects from the dietary changes. I was slightly constipated and had some bloating. I felt terrible for two days. 

Symptoms Resolve

Yesterday, I made a point to eat fewer foods that cause gas and made sure that I got some exercise into my day. The Washington, D.C. area still has a lot of snow and ice, so many people are staying indoors. I will admit that I opted for Pilates yesterday instead of taking a walk in the neighborhood, but it worked! The Pilates helped my muscles stretch out and eliminated some of the gas in my system. 

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t have any bloating. I was not feeling uncomfortable at all! I included cabbage in my morning breakfast, but the gas was easily eliminated instead of building up to be uncomfortable. I’m so relieved. 

Additional steps I took

Some of the other things that I made sure to do yesterday were to listen to my meditation audio, avoid high histamine foods, and get exercises and stretching into my day. I drank plenty of water and pretty much rested most of the day since our area had a snow day. 

I did go onto Amazon and look into DAO supplements because I had read that sometimes when you don’t have enough DAO to break down foods, you suffer from histamine intolerance. I ordered a histamine and immune supplement from Heart and Soil. They have supplements that are made from grass-fed and finished animals that don’t contain fillers. 

While I didn’t get a chance to take the supplement and it may be different from the ones that Alopecia Angel recommends, I’m pretty excited to take it. Someone wrote a testimonial about how the supplement helped regrow his alopecia barbae. That type of alopecia is autoimmune in nature like mine is, so that is promising. 

Any hair regrowth?

Nope! I still have a few strands here and there. My bottom eyelashes have not fallen out, but they also haven’t gotten their color yet. I can’t see any hair regrowth on my head. 

I don’t really expect any new regrowth for another two weeks. I haven’t started with the supplements yet because I don’t know what Alopecia Angel will recommend for my specific hair loss. She has promised to get that to me by the end of the week, so I guess I’ll just have to be patient. 

What’s next?

Looking forward, I have a group consultation with the Alopecia Angel on Saturday. Hopefully, by then she will have gotten back to me on the supplements that she feels would be helpful for my condition. I am documenting every symptom no matter how minor in a journal. 

I’m continuing with the ThinkRightNow “I am Healed” audio. I think it is helping me to stay positive during this process. I can also see how in the past I may not have had enough supplements. I did eat liver and fresh bone marrow and occasionally supplemented with dehydrated stuff, but I don’t know if it was consistent enough to make a difference. 

Fingers crossed this program works! I’m not shopping for my next wig, but rather my next volumizer or topper. I’m assuming that I’ll have hair regrowth and just need a volumizer to cover up some of the patches. I love the hairband that I got just before Christmas, so I’m excited to see what the next month will bring and if I’ll need something less than a wig! 

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