Alopecia Angel’s Group Coaching Review

I joined Alopecia Angel’s Hair N’ Heal program last month. She started the online group coaching on January first. The program is broken up by weeks with some information on the nutrition and products that support hair regrowth. She has scheduled a few group coaching sessions and I have my first session with her on Saturday. 

Structure of the call: 

I will give this about a 3/5. She started the call on time and it seemed like she had information that she would be covering. As a teacher, I have had instructions on how to create an effective lesson plan, address questions, and strategically move from one topic to the next. Johanna is lacking in this area. 

She spent a lot of time talking about her own experience which bored me to death. She ended the call with questions from the group. That is a good way to end a call, but I felt that her answers were somewhat repetitive and bored me. 

Quality of the call information:

This will rate as a 3/5. The information that was provided by Johanna (Alopecia Angel) was not new to me. It was information that I had tried to incorporate in my life over the last 15 years of having alopecia. Some of the information was conflicting. For example, she instructed the group to eat the Autoimmune Paleo Diet, but then when questioned about snacks reported that bell peppers were great snacks. 

Bell peppers are a nightshade. They are not allowed on the Autoimmune Paleo diet. The dietary recommendations conflict with the recommended diet. 

I was frustrated by the conflicting recommendations and her lack of knowledge about nutrition. I was somewhat bored as she emphasized doing things that I had been doing for years to no avail. 

Quality of the call technology:

I will give her a 4/5 for group call quality. The call took place on Zoom and the technology worked well. It was easy to see and hear Johanna during the call. I personally had no issues with sound. I think one other person cut out when asking a question, but Johanna asked her to repeat it and was able to answer the question. 

Time of the group call:

The call was scheduled for 5 pm Central European Time, which was 11am Eastern Time in the United States. I found that to be ideal for me. It probably worked well for the people in Europe. It would have been a bit earlier in the morning for anyone on the West Coast of the United States, but they could have made it work. 

Overall, I think that she had a good time scheduled to accommodate the people in the group, which included others on the East Coast and some people in London. 5/5

Overall opinion: 3.5/5

I probably won’t recommend the Alopecia Angel’s program to anyone. I’m kind of frustrated by the number of supplements that she recommended for me and her evident lack of knowledge about some of the foods that she is recommending. She has been able to help some people get results, so I will take her recommendations into consideration. 

I definitely would not have continued with the program if she had allowed me to see some of the recommendations beforehand since many of them are online and I have already tried them. 

One thing that is important to understand with alopecia is that for many people it comes and goes, so while she may have had some success with her clients, it may not have been her recommendations as much as she thinks. 

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